"Prophecykeepers Song" was written by Karen Lake & Bunny Sings Wolf - who also recorded it.

Prophecykeepers Internet Radio is a Native American operated non-profit public foundation endorsed by elders
of the Chief  Medicine Society over North America, The Original Keetoowah Society, "Nighthawks"

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Prophecykeepers Foundation maintains the most comprehensive Prepping Guide in existence. Read the rave reviews. Learn from the Hopi and other elders where to be and whom to be with when the hard times and earth changes come.

About Prophecykeepers Radio and Foundation

Prophecykeepers Foundation was co-founded by Elder John "RedHat" Duke... who, according to the last three Hopi Kykmongwe (village chiefs) of Oraibi, John Lansa, Mina Lansa and Chief MIke was -- in fact -- The True White Brother. RedHat - who has "walked west" was enrolled in Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and in The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

In 1998 Prophecykeepers Radio host Will Blueotter was given a prophecy concerning 2005 - a 7 year warning of weather-related havoc which turned out to be the hottest year in history... a prophecy one Rabbi in Israel said was the most detailed fulfillment of prophecy in 2600 years.

Now, Prophecykeepers have been given a commission to teach the people of the world how to Save The Planet from destruction by teaching The Original Ghost Dance.

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Our Prophecy Encyclopaedia e-books are 1000 8.5 x11" pages BUT are only 50 megabytes of our 1400 megabyte preparedness e-library!

We've have archived over 190 Native/Ancient Wisdom interviews... over 150 hours of free listening and growing. We provide free on-demand interviews with traditional teachers to over 50,000 new listeners yearly. We brings untold and underreported native wisdom interviews to listeners worldwide. We've prepared reading materials mandated by the Hopi Elders to be distributed worldwide. Listen Free and DONATE Now if you want to help keep us on the air. Our studio is donated. We pay no salaries to anyone. Prophecykeepers won't survive without your help, and you may not find sustainability without our free teachings.  Here's YOUR chance to change the world. Donate or even Become a member of our public foundation and become a service-to-others person! We need $200.00 each month to continue past the 28th of that month... Your donations may be tax-deductible if you choose. We are not part of anyone's budget...  we rely solely on you.  

Your host Will Blueotter has had one prophecy given to him in 1998 by Creator concerning bad weather for 2005 which was verified and witnessed to have been fulfilled in great detail by a third party in Jerusalem. Many of our other guests, such as Red Elk, Ghost Wolf, and John Hogue, are also verified prophets in their own right.  Preparedness experts and authors speak here about how to anticipate (even  learn how to be warned of by Creator) and survive various disasters, both natural and manmade. The next 7 years could give us some real grief in terms of global warming and natural disasters, as the sun is in a period of higher activity. We currently foresees a possible major quakes and bad weather globally.

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