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This is John Hogue's first Prophecykeepers Radio Interview. He speaks about events that he believes will be happening soon, and describes how Nostradamus predicted the Great Indina Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in GREAT detail.

John Hogue is a regular guest on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM hosted by George Noory, heard by over 10,000,000 people worldwide. 

John Hogue

For over 15 years, John Hogue has warned that the first world war of the new millennium would be a war of chaos and terrorism. Now it is upon us. Link to the articles below to read his interpretations of Nostradamus and other seers to see what might happen or be avoided.

THE NOSTRADAMUS EARTHQUAKE: "From the Bottom of Asia" Has it happened off Sumatra?. Nostradamus wrote a prophecy about a catastrophic earthquake reported "from the bottom of Asia" over four centuries ago. Is it about the Sumatran Quake of 26 December 2004? Will Greece and Turkey be next?

SATURN'S PRESIDENT. This is an astrological assessment of President Bush's afflicted natal chart and the karmic challenges facing America beyond 2004 through 2008. The president is definitely a medium, but for whom, or what?

THE SECRET BUSH PROPHECIES UNSEALED. It is time to release a series of predictions Hogue made nearly four years ago, on 21 December 2000. He had promised himself to release these prophetic documents only if Bush won a second term. Here they are. Their accuracy about Bush's first term are amazing! See what is coming in the second.

2004--2008: AMERICA'S TRAVAIL OF POLITICAL ATONEMENT. Hogue logged this article on the morning of the presidential election of 2004. It is a stunningly accurate prophecy of what later transpired as well as being a prescient intimation of what awaits the world from G.W. Bush's second Bush term in office.

WHO WILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY IN 2004? Hogue has made presidential predictions based on who will win by the popular vote since 1968. So far he is 9 and 0. See who will be our next president in 2004, and why.

AMERICA'S KARMIC ECHO: A return after 40 years to historic lessons unlearned. Countries, like individuals, face karmic lessons (i.e., lessons about actions that bring reactions for good or ill). When a lesson isn't learned, it returns in a magnified form. America is stuck in a karmic loop of unlearned historical lessons--this time coming from the 1960s. These lessons are now recycling back after 40 years. See the many parallels, such as two Texan presidents four decades apart sending American into military quagmires in foreign lands, and another JFK from New England (John Forbes Kerry) running again for office. Will there be a new "Nixonian" president returning in 2008--this time a Democrat?

IS THE "MABUS" COMET "NEAT"? The sky will not fall on us, but Comet NEAT's passage through Cancer in the second week of May might illuminate a significant portent Nostradamus foresaw for America, its president, and their future in Iraq.

BLACK SHADOW OVER IRAQ The story of Hogue's 18-year evolution of an interpretation trying to define which "black" Ayatollah in Nostradamus' predictions triggers chaos in the Middle East. Also included is an exposé of the sloppy research behind the debunking duo, Pen and Teller's, recent criticism of Hogue's "Khomeini" prediction.

SEEK THE REAL HARMONIC CONCORDANCE Hogue explains how events like the Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance--though positive--can also mislead people away from bringing their love and awareness to the only time granted us to "harmonically" converge.

NOSTRADAMUS: A LIFE AND MYTH An excerpt from the thought-provoking introduction to John Hogue's most recent book--a biography on the life and a history of the "myth" of Nostradamus.

CAUTION: THERE IS A DARK SIDE TO THE AQUARIAN AGE It is time to get positive about negativity; otherwise it remains suppressed in us, poised to sabotage our future. John Hogue shares an excerpt from an essay written over ten years ago for his book "The Millennium Book of Prophecy." His take on the darker potentials of the Aquarian Age are more pertinent now than ever. Let us expose the darkness to the light.

WHO IS NOSTRADAMUS’ THIRD ANTICHRIST? A post-Iraqi invasion assessment. Is Saddam Hussein still a viable candidate? Has the Palestinian leader, M. Abbas, replaced him? Has the US president become a leading candidate?

NEW CRUSADES AND QUAGMIRES: Nostradamus in the 16th century perceived a future Christian Crusade in "Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). He also forecast that it would falter, becoming bogged down in a struggle against a militant Islam. Is the US invasion that crusade?

A PORTENT FOR WAR: “Mabus soon dies...when the comet will pass.”—Nostradamus. The Comet was Space Shuttle Columbia! The 27-year war of "Mabus," Nostradamus' Third Antichrist, is upon us.

IS BUSH "MABUS" ? Decoding Nostradamus' enigmatic name for his Third Antichrist could see a number of Middle Eastern leaders, terrorists and an American President become prime candidates for the catalyst of a new world war.

A CALAMITOUS WAR UNDER CANCER? OR, PEACE FOR A LONG TIME? An important time window opened in July 2002 for a leader of America to change the course of history toward peace. Will he avoid the world war?

ALLIANCES OF THE THIRD WORLD'S WAR: The Axis of Evil, the Terror Triumvirate & a future Russo-American Alliance against Terrorism have all been foreseen. What will be their fate?

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