Nostradamus’ prophecy on

the Third World War













PART I:  The first trumpet is blown, the natural calamities...


I.16   Plague, famine, and war shall come at the end of the 20th century.


     Faux a l'Estang joint vers la Sagitaire

     En son haut auge de l'exaltation

     Peste, famine, mort de main militaire

     Le Siecle approcher de renovation


     When the astrological sign of Estang aligns with Sagittarius

     Due to man's haughty rebellion

     Plague, famine, death by war shall occur

     When the Great Century approaching the renewal


COMMENT: The Great Century is our century.


I.62   The Great Chastisements shall come.


     La grand perte las! que feront les lettres

     Avant le cicle de laton a parfait

     Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres

     Que de long siecle ne se verra refait


     Alas, what a great loss literally to the letters!

     Before the period of chastisements coming to completion

     There shall be much fire, great deluges, furthermore ignorant leaders

     For a long time the world shall not recover


VI.5   The Artic wind shall bring much flood to the Northern hemisphere.


     Si grand famine par une pestifere

     Par pluie longue le long du Pole Artique

     Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemisphere

     Vivront sans loi exempt de politique


     So great famine by plague-stricken phenomena

     Through long rains coming from Artic Pole

     Offshore troubles (hurricanes) for hundred places throughout Northern Hemisphere

     People shall live without law, indifferent toward politics


COMMENT: Artic wind shall bring much moisture resulting in prolonged rains and flooding, causing great famines. This form of calamities shall affect the Northern hemisphere only.


II.3   Extreme heat and severe shortage of food around Mediterranean.


     Pour la chaleur solaire sur la mer

     De Negrepont les poissons demi cuits

     Les habitans les viendront entemer

     Quand Rhod et Gennes leur faudra le biscuit


     Due to solar heat upon the sea

     By a black (metallic) bridge, fish half cooked

     The inhabitants shall come to collect them

     While Rhodes and Genoa shall want their biscuits


COMMENT: Extreme heat and widespread hunger shall occur around the Mediterranean due to severe drought.


V.98   118F Temperature around the world.


     A quarante huit degre climaterique

     A fin de Cancer si grande secheresse

     Poisson en mer, fleuve, lac cuit hectique

     Bearn, Bigore par feu ciel en detresse


     Forty eight climatic degrees

     At the end of Cancer, so great a drought

     Fish in sea, river, lake shall be cooked

     Bearn, Bigorre through fire from sky in great distress


COMMENT: 48 C equals to 118 F.


I.67   The universal starvation.


     la grand famine que je sens approacher

     Aouvent tourner puis estre universelle

     Si grand et longue qu'on viendra arracher

     Du bois racine, et l'enfant de mamelle


     The great famine which I can sense approaching

     Only spotty at first, then shall become universal

     So great and long that one begins to uproot

     Roots of trees and infants shall search for mother's breast


PART II:  The sixth angel shall blow the trumpet...


I.80    The sixth angel shall blow the trumpet.


     De la sixiesme claire spendeur celeste

     Viendra tonnerre si fort en la Bourgongne

     Puis naistra monstre tres hideuse beste

     Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin grand charpin et rongne


     From the sixth bright, celestial splendor

     Thunder shall come so strong over Burgundy

     Then a monster shall be born from the hideous beast

     March, April, May, June, they shall debate heatedly


COMMENT: The sixth angel mentioned in the Book of Revelation is the angel of war who shall blow the trumpet to commence the Sixth Divine Chastisement in the form of many wars over Europe and France. The invasion into Europe shall be planned from March to June (of 1999).


I.91    The physical manifestation of the spiritual conflict.


     Les Dieux feront aux humains apparence

     Ce qu'ile seront autheurs de grand conflit

     Avant ciel veu serain, espee et lance

     Que vers main gauche sera plus grand affliction


     The Divine enmities shall take human appearance

     They shall be the true authors of the great conflict

     Before the sky turns serene, sword and lance shall be seen

     Who on the left (communists) shall suffer greater affliction


IV.29  The Lord shall not recognize His sinful creatures.


     Le Sol cache eclipse par Mercure

     Ne sera mis que pour le ciel second

     De Vulcan Hermes sera faite pasture

     Sol sera veu pur rutilant et blond


     The Sun concealed in eclipse with Mercury

     Shall not be placed any more in the second sky

     For vultures, human corps shall be made into pasture

     The Sun shall be viewed again more pure, shining, and golden


COMMENT: The Sun or Orient is the Scriptural language which is used to describe the Lord figuratively. And Mercury implies God's Chastisement figuratively. The second sky is the earth, vulcan vultures, and hermes human corps. The above-mentioned can be re-written as follows:


     The Divine Justice shall replace Divine Mercy

     The Lord shall turn His Face away from the sinful world

     Human corps shall be scattered over the fields for birds

     After the purification, Faith shall be more glorious than ever.


IV.67  The Divine Chastisements shall come...


     L'an que Saturn et Mars eagaux combust

     L'air fort seiche, longue trajection

     Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust

     Peu pluie, vent, chaud, guerres, incursions


     The year that the Day of the Lord shall come as wars

     (The year that Saturn and Mars shall eagerly burn)

     Strong air, tidal wave, long trajection

     With secret fires (warheads), vast areas shall turn to dust due to heat

     Little rain, wind, extreme heat, wars, and incursions


I.56    Eastern kings shall carry out the Divine Justice


     Vous verrez tost et tard faire grand change

     Horreurs extremes et vindications

     Que si la lune conduite par son ange

     Le ciel s'approche des inclinations


     Sooner or later one shall witness great change

     Extreme horrors and persecutions

     Shall be conducted by the moon (Eastern) through his evil angels

     Heaven shall dictate the changes according to Divine Justice


X.86   Russia and Iran: The army of Divine Justice, the Beast hates the Harlot.


     Comme un Gryphon viendra le roy d'Europe

     Accompagne de ceux d'Aquilon

     De rouges et blancs conduira grande troupe

     Et iront contre le Roy de Babylon


     Like a mythical warrior griffin shall come the king of Europe

     Accompanied by those of Northern region

     Reds and whites shall conduct a great troop

     And shall fight against the king of Babylon


COMMENT: Russian army shall ally with Muslims (white) to attack the Western European countries or Babylon.


IV.68 The Harlot shall be removed.


     En l'an bien proche esloingne de Venus

     Les deux plus grands de l'Asie et d'Affrique

     Du Ryn et Hister qu'on dira sont venus

     Cris, pleurs a Malte et coste Lygustique


     In the year so close to remove from the Harlot

     Two most powerful ones from Asia and Africa

     by Rhine and Danube where one says they shall come

     Cries, tears at Malta and Lygustic coast


COMMENT: Two powerful ones from Asia and Affrica are Iran and Lybia respectively. The Muslim troops shall advance as far as Germany.


VI.24 The World War III: The European War, the Divine Scepter shall strike the earth.


     Mars et Sceptre se trouvera conjont

     Dessous Cancer calamiteuse guerre

     Un peu apres sera nouveau Roy oingt

     Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre


     When the Lord imposes His Punishment as wars

     There shall be great suffering and calamituous war

     After a while shall come a great anointed King

     Who for a long time shall pacify the earth


COMMENT: The anointed King shall be King Henry of France who shall conquer Russian and Muslim alliance. And the world-wide war in Europe shall be the Divine Chastisement.


V.77   The hand of the burning Sun Dial is now pointing south: the year of 2000AD.


     Tous les degrez d'honneur Ecclesiatique

     Seront changez en Dial Quirinal

     En Martial Quirinal flamminique

     Puis un Roy de France le rendra Vulcanal


     All chronology concerning the Church

     Shall change into a wrathful Sun Dial

     Into the burning war after war

     After that King of France shall carry out the restoration


COMMENT: The Sun Dial representing the course of the human history shall become inflammed with wars. Its shadow or hand shall point toward the south or 2000AD with the north, the reference point of the round dial, to be the year of 0AD, the Nativity of our Lord ( This Sun Dial mentioned here is the one of the New Testament. We can construct a parallel one for the Old Teastament as well. Each dial spans a period of about four thousands years.) The King of France shall defeat the enemies of the Church, bring peace and carry out the rebuilding process. He shall forge sword into ploughshare (vulcan).


IX.52  Peace for the blessed, wars for the sinful.


     la paix s'approche d'un coste et la guerre

     Oncques ne fut la poursuite si grande

     Plaindre homme, femme, sang innocent par terre

     Et ce sera de France a tout bande


     Peace shall approach one side but war on the other

     Never so great a pursuit

     Lament man, woman, innocent blood cover the earth

     And this shall be to France at all sides


COMMENT: The Northern hemisphere alone shall suffer but peace shall reign in the South.


PART III:  The World War III at the beginning...


X.72   July 1999, the World War III shall begin.


     L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois

     Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d'effrayeur

     Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angoulmois

     Avant apres Mars regner par bonheur


     The year 1999 and seven months

     From the sky shall come the great king of terror

     The great Mongolian King of old shall resurrect

     Before and after wars shall reign at will


COMMENT: In July 1999, the World War III or to be precisely, the European war shall begin as the Chastisement from God. Like Mongolians of old, the invaders shall come from the East (Russians and Muslims) to Europe and they shall be merciless and brutal.


VI.80   Europe shall become the battle field between the East and the West.


     De Fez le Regne parviendra a ceux d'Europe

     Feu leur cite et lame tranchera

     Le grand d'Asie terre et mer a grand troupe

     Que bleux, pars, croix a mort dechassera


     Arms and wars shall reach those of Europe

     Fire shall burn city, sword pierce men

     A powerful Asian force shall invade through land and sea

     Blue bruises and pale hunger , the cross of death shall lay them to rest


COMMENT: Asian or Eastern countries such as Russia, Muslim, and China shall destroy Europe with many wars. The wrathful armies eventually shall be destroyed themselves.


I.58   Siamese twin separated and survived, on the July Fourth Italians attacked.


     Tranche le ventre naitra avec deux tetes

     Et quatre bras: quelques ans entiers vivra

     Jour qui Aquilare celebrera ses fetes

     Fossen, Turin, chef Ferrare suivra


     Sliced at their belly, born with two heads

     And four arms: a few years shall totally live

     The day the Eagle celebrates her feast

     Fossen, Turin, chief of Ferrara shall survive


COMMENT: When the world enjoys the modern medical wonders by which a Siamese twin shall be separated and survive. The recently separated Siamese twin survived only for one year in California. The latest separated Siamese twin shall survive a little longer (1995 - 1999). The Italian soil shall be invaded by Muslims and Russians on USA's holiday, the Fourth of July.


VI.21  USA and Russia shall become friends. French leader shall support Rome.


     Quand ceux de Pole Artique unis ensemble

     En Orient grand effrayeur et crainte

     Esleu nouveau soustenu le grand temple

     Rodes, Bizane de sang Barbare taints


     When those of Artic become friends

     A powerful one from Orient shall terrorize with fear

     A new leader shall be elected who shall support the Church

     Rhodes and Turkey shall be stained with Muslim blood


COMMENT: After USA and USSR become friends, the world peace shall be threatened by the Eastern countries such as Russia, China, and Muslims. A newly elected leader of France shall support Rome. The Mediterranean region shall turn bloody due to the invasion of the Eastern block on European soil.


V.27   The Eastern kings shall cross the River Euphrates to invade the Western kings.


     Par feu et armes non loing de la Mer Negro

     Viendra de Perse occuper Trebisonde

     Trembler Pharos Methelin, Sol alegro

     De sang Arabe d'Adrie couvert l'onde


     Through fire and arms, not far from the Black Sea

     From Iran shall come occupy Trebisonde

     Trembling shall be Egypt and Greece while the Sun dances

     Arabic blood shall cover Adriatic Sea


COMMENT: Arabic blood here means Middle Eastern or Muslim countries. Iranian and Russian troops shall advance from the Black Sea to attack Near East or Minor Asia region, southern Europe, and northern Africa.


V.70    The Eastern kings shall carry out the Divine Justice. Turkey shall be devastated.


     Les regions suvjettes a la Balance

     Feront trembler les monts par grande guerre

     Captif tout sexe deu et toute Bizance

     Qu'on criera a l'aube terre a terre


     The regions subjected to Muslim armies

     Shall cause mountains trembling with great war

     Prisoners of both sexes and throughout Turkey

     One shall cry at dawn from land to land


COMMENT: The Eastern kings shall carry out the Divine Chastisements to punish the Great Harlot or Western countries at an appointed time (The Book of Revelation). The brutality of Muslims on both men and women.


II.44   Western force shall no longer have the air superiority.


     L'aigle poussee entour des pavillons

     Par autres oiseaux d'entour sera chassee

     Quand bruit des cymbres, tubes et sonnaillons

     Rendront le sens de la Dame insensee


     The eagle flies around the tents

     It will be chased away by other birds from surroundings

     While the noises of cymbals, tubes, and bells

     Shall render senses back to the insane lady


COMMENT: When USA and allies lose their air superiority in the Middle East or air assault shall be proved to be ineffective, the Muslim armies shall have an upperhand and the Western world shall realize their sinfulness.


V.25   The full-scaled invasion from the sea.


     Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon

     Regne d'Eglise par mer succombera

     Devers la Perse bien pres d'un million

     Bisance, Egypte, ver. serp. invadera


     Muslims, wars, the Day of the Lord, the Harlot, the Lioness Beast

     The reign of the Church from the sea shall be succumbed

     Toward Iran one shall see nearly one million troops

     Turkey, Egypt, evils shall invade


COMMENT: The invasion shall occur on Mediterranean shores.


I.83     Heaven shall strike Italy who was once the daughter of the Church.


     La gent etrange divisera butins

     Saturne et Mars son regard furieux

     Horrible etrange aux Toscans et Latins

     Grec qui seront a frapper curieux


     The foreign invaders shall divide lootings

     Divine Justice carried out in the form of furious wars

     Horrible and strange in Tuscany and Rome

     Greeks shall be pondering in getting involved


COMMENT: Saturn or the Orient or the Sun is often used figuratively to describe the Lord God or His Judgment. Mars implies wars.


II.4     Muslims shall brutalize the Italian coast.


     Depuis Monach jusqu'au pres de Sicile

     Toute la plague demourra desolee

     Il n'y aura faux-bourgs, cite, ne ville

     Que par Barbares, pille soit et volee


     From Monaco as far as Sicily

     All the coast demolished and desolate

     There shall not be any more suburb, city, nor village

     That the Muslim invaders shall leave undone


COMMENT: The Muslims shall attack and destroy the Italian coasts and Rome in the most brutal fashion.


X.65    The ruin of Rome.


     O vaste Rome ta ruine s'approche

     Non de tes murs, de ton sang et substance

     L'aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche

     Fer poinctu mis a tous jusques au manche


     O vast Rome thy ruin shall approach

     Not thy walls but thy blood and substance

     Uneven in letters shall sow horrible harvest

     Pointed sword shall be immersed all to its handle


COMMENT: "Uneven in letters" here means not abiding to the Teaching of the Church. Rome shall be spiritually ruined due to the irreverence to the Holy Eucharist ( Divine Substance ) and abandonment of the Catholic Tradition among clergy and Catholics. The Sanctuary of the Lord or Vatican City shall be ruined because of the great apostasy and schism. False teaching and rebellion shall lead many Catholics astray. Blood shall be shed through persecution and wars to purify the decaying Church.


V.26    Russian troop shall advance over high mountains.


     La gent esclave par un heur martiel

     Viendra en haut degre tant esleve

     Changeront prince, naistra un provincial

     Passer la mer, copie aux monts leve


     The Russians through an military good fortune

     Shall be elevated to a high degree

     Shall change their prince, one born in a province

     Shall pass sea, troop shall climb over high mountains


COMMENT: Russia's leadership shall belong to an outsider who shall appeal to the common population. Russian troops shall attack Western Europe or more specifically Italy via two routes: from the south near the Black Sea and from the north by crossing the Alps.


VI.69     The pitiful Russian army shall carry out a great misadventure in Western Europe.


     La grand pitie sera sans long tarder

     Ceux qui donoient seront contraints de prendre

     Nuds affamez de froid, soif, soy bander

     Passer les monts en faisant grand eslandre


     The great pity shall not be long delayed

     Those who once gave now reluctantly receive

     Naked, starved, frozen, thirsty, wounded

     Shall pass mountains to carry out a great misadventure


COMMENT: Russians shall feel threatened, angry, and humiliated by NATO's decision on its expansion including installing weapons on Russian neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, etc. Russia who was once powerful and an international donor now has to swallow her pride to accept Western aid reluctantly. The pitiful Russian army shall go across Alps mountains to attack Western Europe alongside with Muslims.


IV.82   Through Russian hands, the old Destroyer shall destroy Romanie.


     Amas s'approche venant d'Esclavonie

     L'Olestant vieux cite ruinera

     Fort desolee vera sa Romainie

     Puis la grand flamme estaindre ne scaura


     The mass shall approach coming from Russia

     The ancient Destroyer shall ruin the city

     Violently desolated Romanie shall see

     Afterwards the great flame of war shall not be quenched


COMMENT: Russia shall start the WW III in Europe by invading its Western neighboring countries who shall recently join NATO. The war shall spread and cannot be contained.


X.32   Russian navy shall dominate only for two short years.


     Le grand Empire chacun en devoit etre

     Un sur les autres le viendra obtenir

     Mais peu de temps sera son regne et etre

     Deux ans aux naves se pourra soustenir


     In the great Empire with everyone's existence hung in desperation

     One over the others shall secure it

     But little time shall last for his reign and existence

     Two years the navy shall be rotten due to poor maintenance


COMMENT: Russia shall be in the state of desperation nationwide. Each person shall have to survive on his own without relying on his government (Verse 2). Russia's power and her very existence shall be threatened due to the European offences and later by the bloody hands of the neighboring China. Their navy shall dominate the war for the first two years then shall collapse due to the lack of spare parts and resources.


VI.   Both northern and southern Europe shall be attacked.


     Norvege et Dace et l'isle Britannique

     Par les unis freres seront vexees

     Le chef Romain issu du sang Gallique

     Et les copis aux forest repoulsees


     Norway and Denmark and British island

     Through the united brothers shall be vexed

     The Roman ( Italian) chief issued from French blood

     And his troops shall be repulsed into the forests


COMMENT: The northern front of Europe including Norway, Denmark and Britain shall be attacked by Russia naval forces. In the south, Italy and Muslims shall push north starting on French soil.


V.91   Men shall learn fallacies. Albania shall attack Greece.


     Au grand marche qu'on dit des mesongers

     De tout torrent et champ Athenien

     Seront surprins par les chevaux legers

     Par Albanois, Mars, Leo, Sat, au versien


     In the great market place, fallacies are debated

     Great current shall flood the Athenian arena

     One shall be surprised at swift invading calvaries

     By Albania, wars, pope, God's Wrath all being unfolded


COMMENT: The present world is compared to an arena where falsehoods are being debated. Men learn a great deal than ever before but the Truth is hidden from them. In a narrow sense, Greece shall be attacked by the neighboring Albania.


II.96   Battles being raised in France and Greece by Iran.


     Flambeau ardant au ciel sera veu

     Pres de la fin et principe du Rhone

     Famine, glaive, tarde le secours poreu

     La Perse tourne envahir Macedoine


     Burning flame in the sky shall be seen

     Near the end of the principal towns along River Rhone

     Famine, wars, with needed help late in coming

     Iran shall repeatedly attack Macedonia


VI.53 English prelate escapes, Tunisia helps Turkey to attack Cyprus.


     Le grand Prelat Celtique a Roy suspect

     De nuit par cours sortira hors du regne

     Par Duc fertille a son grand Roy Bretagne

     Bisance a Cypres et Tunes insuspect


     The great prelate of England whom the king suspects

     By night through a water-way shall leave the kingdom

     Through the duke who is fruitful to his great British king

     Turkey in Cyprus and Tunisians unsuspected


COMMENT: American shall help an English religious leader to escape from Britain. Turkey with the help from Tunisia shall attack Greece.


III.23   Warning for French fleet not to venture into Adriatic Sea.


     Si France passe outre mer Ligustique

     Tu te verra en isles et mers enclos

     Mahomet contraire plus mer Hadriatique

     Chevaux et asnes tu rongeras les os


     If France ventures beyond Ligurian Sea

     You shall see yourself enclosed with islands and seas

     Fight against outnumbering Muslim in Adriatic Sea

     Horses and asses you shall eat them to their bones


I.73    French fleet shall be surrounded...


     France a cinq parts par neglect assaillie

     Tunis, Argiel esmeuz par Persiens

     Leon, Seville, Barcelone faillie

     N'aura la classe par les venitiens


     By negligence French fleet shall be attacked by five parties

     Tunisia and Algeria stirred up by Iran

     Leon, Seville, Barcelonia shall fall (into Muslim hands)

     Italian fleet shall not fare any better


COMMENT: At the onset of WW III or European war, Spain and Italy shall quickly fall into Muslim hands and later become Eastern allies ( We have to remember that the Muslim populations in those two countries are quite large, probably majority by now in Spain.) Tunisia and Algeria shall side with Iran. French fleet shall be sunk in Adriatic Sea leaving Marseilles naked.


IX.100 A surprised defeat to Western naval force.


     Navalle pugne nuit sera superee

     Le feu aux naves a l'Occident ruine

     Rubriche neuve, la grand nef coloree

     Ire a vaincu et victoire en bruine


     In a naval combat, night shall give advantage

     Fire in ships at Western ruin

     With fresh red, the great ship is colored

     Wrath to the defeated, victory in the mist


COMMENT: In the mist and darkest night, Western or French fleet shall be ambushed by Muslim forces.


II.86   French fleet shall wrecked in Adriatic Sea.


     Naufrage a classe pres d'onde Hadriatique

     La terre emeu sur l'air en terre mis

     Egypte tremble augment Mahometique

     L'Heraut se rendre a crier est comis


     Shipwreck of a fleet near Adriatic Sea

     The earth quakes, moved with the air above

     Egypt trembles due to Muslim extremist faction

     A public officer renders a loud cry before committing suicide


COMMENT: French fleet shall be wrecked in Adriatic Sea by a surprised attack by Muslims. The Muslim extremists loyal to Iran shall dominate all Muslim governments around the region.


III.87   French navy defeated in Mediterranean Sea.


     Classe Gauloise n'approches de Corsegne

     Moins de Sardaigne tu t'en repentiras

     Trestous mourrez frustres de l'Aide grogne

     Sang nagera catif ne me Croiras


     The French fleet, do not approach Corsica

     Not as far as Sardinia lest you shall repent

     All shall die frsutrating as their relief still busy in grumbling

     In blood the captives shall swim as you shall not believe my words


III.88  Barcelonia and Marseilles shall fall.


     De Barcelone par mer si grande armee

     Tout Marseilles de frayeur tremblera

     Isles saisies de mer aide fermee

     Ton traditeur en terre nagera


     A great army from Barcelonia by sea shall attack

     All Marseilles shall tremble with fear

     Islands shall be seized, reinforcement from the sea halted

     Traditors shall swim in land


COMMENT: After defeating French navy in Adriatic Sea, the Muslims shall advance to Marseilles through Spain. Marseilles shall be vulnerable due to no protection from French navy.


III.90  Iran shall capture Marseilles.


     Le grand Satyre et Tygre d'Hycarnie

     Don presente a ceux de l'Ocean

     Un chef de classe istra de Carmanie

     Que prendra terre au Tyrran Phocean


     The grand satyr and tiger of Iran

     A gift presented to those of the Ocean

     One chief of the fleet shall come out from Persia

     Who shall seize the territory of Marseilles


COMMENT: Those from the ocean are the Muslim invaders.


I.72   Southern France devastated, million suffered.


     Du tout Marseilles des habitans changee

     Course et pour fuitte jusques pres de Lyon

     Narbon, Tholoze, par Bordeaux outragee

     Tuez, captifs, presque d'un million


     Throughout Marseilles the inhabitants shall change

     French citizens shall flee as far as Lyon

     Narbonne and Toulouse shall become outraged by Bordeaux

     Killed, captured, almost one million French


COMMENT: The present population in Marseilles is about 900,000, Narbonne 40,000, and Toulouse 400,000. Thus the approximation of one million is amazingly accurate. That also indicates a total defeat under Muslim hands. The military French leader in Bordeaux shall decide to abandon those captured cities into their enemies's hands to consolidate the remaining French troops in order to save the rest of the country.


IX.44   The nuclear arsenal.


     Migrez! migrez de Geneve trestous

     Saturne d'or en fer se changera

     Le contre Raypoz exterminera tous

     Avant l'advent le Ciel signes fera


     All migrate, migrate from Geneva !

     The Lord's Justice shall change your fortune

     Atomic ray shall fully exterminate

     Before the event, Heaven shall give sign


COMMENT: Iran or Russian force shall destroy the financial center of Western world with a nuclear bombardment before they invade. The unusual sign shall be given to warn mankind about this total destruction. The word "gold" is well suited to described a financial institution.


IX.69   Chemical warheads upon Lyon & Vienna by Italian force.


     Sur le mont de Bailly et la Bresse

     Seront cachez de Grenoble les fiers

     Outre Lyon, Vien, eulx si grand gresle

     Langoult en terre n'en restera un tiers


     Upon Mount Bailley and Bresse

     Shall be hidden in Genoa fierce weapons

     Beyond Lyon and Vienna, great hail upon them

     Languished on the ground, less than one third shall survive


COMMENT: From northern Italy, on high mountains, the Muslim and Italian forces shall bombard Lyon and Vienna with missiles carrying the chemical warheads which shall wipe out more than two-thirds of the population. The survivors will wish to die instead.


IX.41   Avignon: New capital of France.


     le grand Chyren soy saisir d'Avignon

     De Rome lettres en miel plein d'amertume

     Lettre ambassade partir de Chanignon

     Carpentras pris par Duc noir rouge plume


     The great King Henry himself shall move to Avignon

     From Rome letters of sweetness and full of sadness

     Documents and embassy shall depart to Caninon

     Vatican shall be taken by the black duke with red feather


COMMENT: French troop shall retreat to Avignon as Muslims are advancing. The black duke with red feather is the Muslims or Iranians supported by Russians. Avignon shall become the new capital of France later on due to the total destruction of Paris.


II.85    American fleet shall be wrecked also in Lygurian Sea.


     Vieux plains de barbe son le statut severe

     A Lyon fait dessus l'Aigle Celtique

     Le petit grand trop outre persevere

     Bruit d'armes au ciel, mer rouge Lygustique


     The statue of an old, plain-looking man with beard looks too severe

     Made in England ( or City of Lyon) presented to USA

     The mighty little shall persevere beyond limits

     Noise of arms in the sky, Ligurian sea shall turn bloody red


COMMENT: The statue of Abraham Lincoln was described here in the first two verses meaning that the event concerned Americans. US ships shall be destroyed in Ligurian Sea by much smaller Muslim opponents. It would be interesting to find out the origin of President Lincoln's statue placed in Washington DC.


III.32   American casualty in Tuscany of Italy.


     Le grand sepulchre du peuple Aquitanique

     S'approchera aupres se la Toscane

     Quand Mars sera pres du coing Germanique

     Et au terroir de la gent Mantuane


     The great sepulchre of American troop

     Who shall approach near Tuscany

     When wars shall spread close to German border

     And to the territory of Mantuan people


COMMENT: When those conditions are met, American troops shall suffer a great casualty near Tuscany. It also means that Americans shall engage in combat when Italians are retreating back to Italy.


III.70    Great Britain shall suffer floods and war.


     La Grande Bretagne comprise l'Angleterre

     Viendra par eaux si fort inondre

     La ligue neufue d'Ausonne fera guerre

     Que contre eux il se viendront bander


     Great Britain including England

     By sea shall suffer great floods

     The new league including Italy shall raise war against her

     Italy herself shall dress all her wounds


COMMENT: The new league of Ausonne include Muslims (Iran-led), Italy, Russia, and Spain.


II.1    Eastern alliance shall attack England.


     Vers Aquitaine par insuls Britanique

     Et par aux memes grandes incursions

     Pluie, gelees feront terroir iniques

     Port Selyn fortes fera invasions


     Toward the North, attack on England shall take place

     It will have the same magnitude as any great incursion

     Rain, and frost shall make the land treacherous

     Muslim force shall push forward the invasion


II.51  London shall be burnt by the year of 666 x 3


     Le sang du juste a Londres sera faute

     Bruslez par foudres de vingt trois les six

     La dame antique cherra de place haute

     De meme secte plusieur seront occis


     The blood of the just in London shall be demanded

     Burned by lightning of condemnation by the year of 666 times three

     The ancient lady shall be adored in high places

     Of the same sect many shall be slain


COMMENT: By the year of 1999, London shall be destroyed and many shall die as the whole population are adoring the Harlot.


III.78  The chief of Scotland shall be captured and deported to Iran.


     le chef d'Escosse, avec six d'Alemagne

     Par gens de mer Orientaux captifs

     Traverseront le Calpre et Espagne

     Present en Perse au nouveau Roy craintif


     The chief of Scotland with six of Swiss

     Made captives to Oriental people from sea

     Travel through Gibraltar and Spain

     A present in Iran to a new fearful king


COMMENT: Muslim navy and its allies shall conquer Switzerland and part of Scotland. They shall advance through Spain, shall capture and deport important prisoners to Iran.


V.59   English commander shall fall in great bloody battle when a meteor shower shall be seen.


     Au chef Anglois a Nimes trop sejour

     Dever l'Espagne au secours Aenobarbe

     Plusieurs mourront par Mars ouvert ce jour

     Quand en Artois faillir estoille en barbe


     English chief shall stop in Nimes too long

     Toward Spain, Muslims shall rent assistance

     Many shall die due to an open war that day

     While in Artois a meteor shower shall fall


III.71 Besieged England shall face the greatest starvation in history.


     Ceux dans les Isles de long temps assiegez

     Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis

     Ceux par behors morts de faim profligez

     En plus grand faim que jamais seront mis


     Those inside the Island long time besieged

     Shall take up a strong counter-attack against their enemies

     Those outside shall be abandoned to die of starvation

     In the greatest famine ever before placed


II.68  USA rescues England by sea.


     De l'aquilon les efforts seront grande

     Sur l'ocean sera la porte ouverte

     Le regne en l'isle sera reintegrande

     Tremblera Londres par voile descouverte


     USA shall exert a great effort

     Across the Atlantic Ocean to open English shore

     The sovereignty of England shall be reinstated

     As London is trembling in discovering enemy sails


COMMENT: USA shall rescue England from the siege of Muslim and Italian league.


PART IV:  The World War III at the turning point...


IV.52   Divine Providence bestowed upon French troops in defeating Muslims.


     En cite obsessee aux murs hommes et femmes

     Ennemys hors le chef prest a soy rendre

     Vent sera fort encontre les gens-d'-armes

     Chassez seront par chaux, poussiere et cendre


     Upon the besieged city, upon the walls are men and women

     Enemy outside, the chief decides himself to surrender

     Wind shall become strong against enemy soldiers

     They shall be chased away by lime, dust, and ashes


COMMENT: When everything seems lost, King Henry of France is about to surrender to the Eastern or Muslim forces, suddenly the Divine Providence shall assist them to defeat their enemies with the natural elements. This is the turning point of the European or World War III.


IX.99   Divine Assistance to King Henry.


     Vent Aquilon fera partir le siege

     Par murs jetter cendres, chaulx et poussiere

     Par pluie apres qui leur fera bien piege

     Dernier secours encontre leur frontiere


     The North Wind shall break up the siege

     Upon the walls shall cast ash, lime, and coal dust

     After those, upon the rain, shall become their good trap

     The last assistance needed to regain the frontier


COMMENT: The Divine Providence at the last minute shall assist French troops to defeat the Muslim aggressors through the natural elements. This victory shall be the turning point of the long and bloody World War.


VIII.10 Continuous Divine Assistance.


     Puanteur grande sortira de Lausanne

     Qu'on ne scavra l'origine du fait

     L'on mettra hors tout la gent loingtaine

     Feu veu au ciel, peuple etranger deffait


     A great stench shall come from Lausanne

     One shall not find the origin of the fact

     One shall put out all invaders from the distant land

     Fire seen in sky, foreign people defeated


COMMENT: Again the Divine intervention shall assist this time in the form of stench, deadly plague of an unknown origin .


III.99  Muslims shall be defeated on French soil.


     Aux champs herbeux d'Alein et du Varneigne

     Du Mont Lebron proche de la Durance

     Camp des deux parts conflit sera si aigre

     Mesopotamie defaillira en la France


     In the grassy fields of Alein and Varneigne

     Upon Mount Lebron near Durance

     Conflict between two sides shall be very fierce

     Mesopotamie shall fall on French soil


V.68    Muslims shall advance as far north as Germany, then shall be defeated by French troops.


     Dans le Danube et du Rhin viendra boire

     Le grand Chameau, ne s'en repentira

     Trembler du Rhone et plus fort ceux de Loire

     Et pres des Alpes Coq les ruinera


     By River Danube and Rhine shall come to drink

     The great Camel which shall not repent

     Trembling is River Rhone and most violent for those near River Loire

     And near Alps the Cock shall ruin them


COMMENT: Muslims shall advance as far north as Germany, shall terrorize the area between two Rivers Rhone and Loire or the southern France upon their retreat. And finally they shall be succumbed by French troops near Alps.


V.42    World War III at its climax.


     Mars esleve en son plus haut beffroy

     Fera retraire les Allobrox de France

     La gent Lombarde fera si grand effroy

     A ceux de l'aigle compris sous la Balance


     War shall be elevated to its highest

     Italians shall retreat from France

     Inhabitants in Lombardy shall be terrified

     Of those hawkish (brutal) troops who carry out the Divine Justice


I.59    Deportations of refugees to Italian islands, Christians and Jews being persecuted.


     Les exiles deportez dans les Isles

     Au changement d'un plus cruel Monarque

     Seront meurtris et mis deux des scintilles

     Qui de parler ne seront estre parques


     Refugees deported into the Islands

     During the reign of the most cruel Monarch

     They shall be murdered and placed in two incinerators

     Who shall not denounce their faith


III.31 Final battle in Middle East.


     Aux champs de Mede, d'Arabe et d'Armenie

     Deux grands copies trois fois s'assembleront

     Pres du rivage d'Araxes la mesnie

     Du grand Soliman en terre tomberont


     In the fields of Media, Arabe, and Armenia

     Two great armies shall assemble three times

     Near the Arabic shore or Persian Gulf

     The Israelites on land shall tumble


COMMENT: Western armies shall pursue the Muslim armies all the way to Iranian soil or Middle East. The Jews shall be drawn into the conflict and shall suffer greatly.


PART V:  The World War III at the end.


III.93   USA, France, and England shall form a new alliance.


     Dans Avignon tout le chef de l'Empire

     Fera appreste, pour paris desole

     Tricast tiendra l'Annbalique ire

     Lion par change sera mal console


     In Avignon the head of all Empire

     Shall prepare as Paris desolated

     Three-country Alliance shall restrain Annibalic wrath

     England due to change shall not be consoled


COMMENT: French King shall be the leader of the Western Alliance which shall halt the Eastern aggression. The capital of France shall be moved to Avignon as Paris is totally desolated.


V.14   At the end of the European War...


     Saturn et Mars en Leo Espagne captive

     Par chef Libique au conflit attrape

     Proche de Malte, heredde Prince vive

     Et Romain scepter sera par coq frappe


     Saturn and Mars in Leo, Spain captive

     Lybian chief in the battle shall be caught

     Near Malta, the heralded Prince (Henry) shall be cheered

     And Roman Scepter shall be struck by a Frenchman


COMMENT: The pope shall be killed near the end of the War. Spain shall surrender. Lybian leader shall be captured. King Henry of France shall be heralded in Malta. The newly elected French Pope shall anoint him as the Roman Emperor of the world, the Charlemagne of our modern time.


III.77  The End of Iranian leardership, the End of the World War.


     Le tiers climat sous Aries comprins

     L'ans mil sept cens vingt et sept en Octobre

     Le Roy de Perse par ceux d'Egypte prins

     Conflit, mort, perte, a la croix grand opprobre


     The third climate under Aries realized

     The year one thousand seven hundred twenty and seven in October

     The King of Iran by those of Egypt shall be captured

     Conflict, death, perdition, great shame for the cross


COMMENT: Nostradamus often used the year of 325 AD ( the Ecumenical Council of Nicea) as the liturgical reference for a significant event, symbolizing the Divine Design upon that event. Thus here the year of 1700 is actually 1700 + 325 or 2025AD. Therefore, the above-mentioned quatrain cna be understood as follows:


     One third of the battles still remains

     On October 27th of 2025 AD

     Iranian leader shall be captured in Egypt

     Conflict, death, pertition, and great opprobium to the Church.


The remaining third of the worldwide conflict might be mainly between Russia, China, Japan, and USA in Asia.


IV.22  The defeat of the Eastern forces.


     La grand copie que sera dechassee

     Dans un moment fera besoin au Roy

     La foy promise de loing sera faussee

     Nud se verra en piteux desarroy


     The great army shall be uprooted

     In a moment shall be in need of a king

     The faith and promise before shall be perverted

     Naked, himself shall be seen in pitiful disarray


IX.62 The battle of Armagaddon.


     Au grand de Cheramonagora

     Seront croisez par rangs tous attachez

     Le Pertinax Oppi et Mandragora

     Raugon d'Octobre le tiers seront laschez


     At the great battle of Armageddon

     Shall join the crusade through rows totally attached

     The pertanious army of God against the army of the evil Serpent

     The Dragon shall be loosened on October third


COMMENT: Man-dragon might indicate Chinese troops. The battle begin on October third and from Quatrain III.77, Iranian leader shall be captured on October 7th 2025 indicating that this great decisive battle might be between Western allies and Muslim alliance. Also Armageddon might be the battle between Western and Chinese troops as the latter shall decide to engage in war at the end of the conflict while all parties are almost exhausted. And the national symbol of China has always been the Red Dragon.


I.49    Chinese shall attack Russia in 2025.


     Beaucoup, beaucoup avant telles menees

     Ceux d'Orient par la vertu Lunaire

     L'An mil sept cens feront grands emmenees

     Subjugant presque le coin Aquilonaire


     But long, long before such a machination ( the end of the world)

     Those of Orient through the Lunar moral courage

     On the year of 1700 shall embark great advance

     Shall subdue most Northern corner


COMMENT: This is the continuation of Quatrain II.48. Orient is China and Lunar here again means Muslim or Eastern countries. Nostradamus often used 325AD ( Nicean Council ) as the liturgical reference. Thus 1700 actually meant 2025AD. Northern here means Russia. In the year of 2025, due to the moral collapse and military exhaustion of Russian troops, China shall launch their offences across the northern border and shall occupy almost all Russia. Their occupation shall be bloody and brutal.


IV.80   The great dam and flood in China.


     Pres du grand fleuve grand fosse terre egeste

     En quinze part sera l'eau divisee

     La cite prise, feu, sang cris, conflit mettre

     Et la plus part concerne au collisee


     Near the great river, a great pit land excavated

     In fifteen parts water shall be divided

     City taken, fire, blood, cry, conflict

     For the most part, major concern is with collisions


COMMENT: About 1995, China carried out a major irrigation project along the great river in southern China. All the dams along this river shall be broken due to the damage done by the war between China against Russia, US, and Japan. The flood shall bury millions of people who live in literally underneath the river.


IV.97   A Spanish pope at the end of the War.


     L'an que Mercure, Mars, Venus retrograde

     Du grand Monarque la ligne ne faillir

     Eleu du peuple Lusitant pres de Pactole

     Que paix et regne viendra fort envillir


     One year before chastisements, wars, harlotry receding

     From the papacy, the successive alignment shall not fall short

     Elected by Spanish people, one near Pactol River

     Through him peace and reign shall be renewed vigorously


COMMENT: The Lord shall grant us a good pope probably a Spanish and orthodoxical one before the war ends.


VIII.77 After the World War, one third shall perish.


     L'antechrist trois bien trois annichilez

     Vingt et sept ans sang durera sa guerre

     Les heretiques morts, catifs exilez

     Sang corps humain eu rouge greler terre


     The antichrist by strong three shall annihilate a third

     Twenty seven years of blood endure the war

     The heretics dead, prisoners exiled

     Blood, dead body soak land with red


COMMENT: Three powerful and prosperous ones belonging to the antichrist are Western (NATO), Eastern (Muslims & Russia), and China.They shall be used to carry out God's Chastisements resulting in the loss of one third of the world population. The worldwide war which occurs mainly in Europe, northern Africa, and northern part of Asia shall last for about twenty seven years from 1999 - 2027.