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In 1939 and then again in 1940, mass meetings of Indians from all over the Americas took place at Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. It was covered by news media outlets worldwide, including Life Magazine with an article entitled, "Calling All Tribes."

Narrating is a Navajo, Natoni Nezba, of Chinle, Arizona... then archaeology student at Haskell University.

...I had word from him that at the beginning of their Indian new year he would call a meeting of the representatives of all the Indian tribes of all the western hemisphere. It would be held at Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico over which he would preside. I gathered from the information that he had sent runners, bearing a message in regard to the great meet, to other Indian tribes. Each runner being instructed to notify the chief of the tribe he visited, for this chief to send runners to other tribes nearby with the same message to be relayed to other tribes as far as a bird far as a bird could fly to the south and as far as a bird far as a bird could fly to the north. The following April was when the great mass of Indian people gathered at Lake patzcuaro for this conference of good will. The opening speech on the day of the gathering is given here in Echa Tah Echa Nah's own words:

"Oh, my brothers, today begins the year for the past is gone and everywhere new life begins. The Great Spirit, the Creator of all living things - plants, flowers, birds, trees, reptiles and fish - speaks to me what He speaks to me so shall I say you. As he bade me call you here and as He whispers in my ear I will say His name all these words I speak to you. My people, today we are here together. Many have come from all places as far the birds fly north and as far as the I fly south.

Many of you, my brothers, tired and weary. Many of you are sick and ailing, but to you, my people, what I say will ease your tired minds, and help to heal your sick bodies. I have called you here to give you a great message of patience, understanding, tolerance, good thoughts and love to all. Today we are happy, or are we? Are our minds and hearts heavy with the misunderstandings of the long dead past? Think wisely as I say to you, 'Have you tried to get help and peace of mind from Him who created us?' No... for you have fallen away from your prayers, rituals, ceremonials and dances, for the Gods see everywhere. Should He who created tis silently send Nasi Bii Yaksy, the Death God, to speak and silently tell you to come, are you ready to return to where you first were, or do you fear?

I say unto you, my brothers, fear not for what must be, for He has sent us here to this world so will He call us back. We must stay near to Him our hearts and minds now more than ever before for He has spoken unto me saying, 'Great things in the future time are soon to be upon you. Already He has started to act upon the plans He promised in the beginning. We must make ourselves ready and good enough to accept all things. We must cease the killings of our broth amongst us. We must keep hatred and evilness from our hearts and minds. We must be patient and respond to the things we ask of each other. We must be patient and try to understand, but above all, the needs of each other no matter how small or how large, we must have love in our hearts. We all have love in our hearts, but we must make it greater, stronger, a more beautiful. Where there has been hatred and evil now must there be patience and understanding, all bad things must pass from us.

To Chi Chi Suma on my left, and my son on my right, I say to them as I say to you. They shall listen and do as you shall do. I ask all of you to hear well as I speak of how my people, the Chigaraguas, do in regard to all ways of living. You are asked to take my message back to your people and ask of them to try hard to do as my people do and have done always. I know of your trials and suffering, of what you have seen in the past, but by your greater efforts to live by the laws and commandments that He has given you to live by, you will all know greater happiness. By greater happiness you will have greater understanding and tolerance and by your faithfully keeping these laws and commandments in your hearts minds there can be no limit to the future for you and your sons and their sons. Pray faithfully and you shall soon see reward it pays. Think well, all my people and forget not soon, May His everlasting smile enter into your hearts, and may light from His golden body (the sun) the light to keep the flame in your hearts burning, for as He has spoken to me have I spoken to you. Remember, my brothers and sisters, always what you were once, what you Might have been, what you now. and what you intend to be. May light shine on us through all time through all ages. May He hear and an our prayers always. Remember this, people, I beg you to remember. I have spoken; it is finished. The Voice speaks no more."

Those assembled remained here for seven days, during which time he described to them the mode of living of the Chigaraguan people, urging them to try to live and follow the same example to create better understanding and good will among their' neighboring, tribes regardless of what part of the country they lived in. He brought to mind many incidents which had caused the downfall of the Indian people -their drifting away from the laws and commandments, their warlike ways instead of peaceful means of dealing with each other.

Owing to the tremendous response to his call he had to speak several times a day to as many as could assemble in the great ampitheatre, urging them to be tolerant of each other. more understanding and to quit their slovenly ways and be more progressive resort to prayer and a better understanding with the Heavenly Father to assist them in their efforts. Newspaper reports estimate approximately one-hundred-twenty-five-thousand representatives assembled from all parts north of the Mexican border as far as Alaska and Canada. It is impossible to say exactly how many were there, but about two-hundred fifty-thousand would be a fair estimate.

At the close of this international conference he invited all representatives who were present to return again the following year to discuss their problems and the progress made under the outline he had given them. On the last night the huge fires of farewell were lighted, and soon the representatives were on their way back to the reservation they had represented, to inform the people of what they had learned at this great meeting. Immediately after the representatives had returned home there was a noticeable difference in the relationship among the tribes. A better understanding and a feeling of good will existed that had never been there before. By the time of the second meeting in Mexico all the tribes had outstanding progress to report. This uniting of the Indian people has been gradually getting stronger since that time.

In due course of time the tribes made preparations to send their tribal spokesman again to the site where the first notable meeting was held, to discuss their problems and report the progress that had bean made during the year. At the same time Echa Tah Echa Nah and his council members were making preparations to leave their Utopia to bring the message of good will again to those who were to return to Lake Patzcuaro. Incidentally, Lake Michoacan within sight of Lake Patzcuaro and together they are often referred to as "The Twin Lakes On the day set aside by all Indian people as the birth on the new year, Echo Echo Nah and his council arrived at designated spot and by all representatives from the outside. Each group was eager to discuss the progress that had been made. After four days hearing reports from the various spokesmen Echa Tah Echa Nah stressed the importance of continuing as they had in the past year. He also told them of great events that were to take place in the future. He prophesied in minute detail the coming of World War II; the havoc, destruction and hardships that would be brought upon the people were mentioned.

The people were urged to fill their storehouses in preparation against the time when this war would come, and told them of the shortage of food and other materials that they would be forced to suffer. Many of the people harkened to his prophetic warning and were prepared when this catastrophe came, which lessened their hardships during this trying period. He stressed the restlessness of the world after the war would come and the hatred, scorn and contempt of man for his fellow man that would be universal. The Indian people he urged to remember his teachings and not be led astray by the disunity that would engulf the world about them, admonishing them to cling together in understanding and purpose a good force in a world of evil. On fifth day the representatives of many of leading tribes expressed their feeling discussed among themselves the possibility getting Echa Tah Echa Nah to accept position of Grand Leader of all Indian people the western hemisphere. Due to his knowledge and divine inspiration they felt he would be the ideal leader of the people. Word spread rapidly among all the outside representatives and by mutual consent I bestowed upon him this honor.

The throng that had gathered at great meet was one of the oddest groups one would ever have the pleasure of seeing assembled at one time. Of this greatest assembly ever to be recorded the most striking feature was the display of tremendous variety in their dress, variety in material, designs, colors and manner of wearing. Representatives of every Indian Tribe in the western hemisphere were dressed in their finest regalia. Canadian and Alaskan Indians in their peculiar cold country costumes made of seal, bear and rabbit fur that would serve best in a cold county were seated next to tribal representatives from the Dakotas who were wearing their finest white or tan buckskin raiment with huge eagle feather bonnets. Next to these two were seated three or four tribesmen from the Brazilian jungle dressed only in breech cloths and moccasins, each carrying the staff of authority and tribal emblem  bearing his rank in the tribe and conducting themselves with dignity humbleness in regard to their tribal standing.

Sprinkled here and there appeared South, Indians clad in their lush velveteens of hues, silver belts, strings of turquoise beads and hand-wrought bracelets and rings of silver and turquoise. Of this group the Navajo and Hopi were sent as representatives. Seminoles from the Florida everglades in their brilliantly colored skirts and headdresses were Scattered among Indian representatives from California who were dressed in the finest of modern American clothes. The Mexican Indian with his large straw hat, serape draped arc his shoulders, brilliantly hued raffia sandals was seated next to the Oyichua with peculiar hat made of willow twigs tightly woven, similar to the early American's beaver hat or the stovepipe hat, white cotton trousers and sandals.

Standing nearby some of the North American representatives who were dressed in their modern up-to-the minute fashionable clothes, were the small Suyas and the Javaros dressed only in breech cloths, and a small animal skin draped around their shoulders. armed with their tiny blow guns. Close by were the large Ladones from Columbia and Venezuela whose dress was similar to that of the Roman toga made from brilliantly hued cotton and wool materials. The wool comes from the vicona. While many others from Columbia dressed very similar to those of Venezuela, seated near the Incas from Peru with their short, robe-like garments with trousers made from the wool of the llama and hats very high and pointed almost like those of the Coushea. All in all, this was one of the most colorful assemblies of the true natives of the western hemisphere and certain one never to be forgotten.

On the sixth day of the meeting the beloved leader delivered his most divine inspired speech to the people. During this speech many of them looked upon him with awe, as he described the greatest of all events that would come upon the Indian people in the future. He prophesied of the time to come when a great temple or kiva would be built at some distant place by the Indian people and others who believe in all the laws and commandments that I left with them in the beginning, but not until after the cleansing of the earth. The cleansing process was described as a mammoth catastrophe that would engulf the earth, ridding it of all evil forces and only those who believed in and abided by these laws would survive. Then after the earth would cease to shake and the storms subside, the survivors would go forth and bury the dead, also care for the sick and wounded. After the dead will have been buried and the injured healed and all is quiet and peaceful again be, Echa Tah Echa Nah, will call all the survivors of the great holocaust who lived in his country, and prepare them for the great trek from their world. At this time he would send runners to Chi Chi Suma, who is second in command, bidding him to call the survivors in his part of the country to prepare themselves for a great journey that they would embark upon for they were to leave their country for ever.

Many months before starting, preparations will proceed by all the people getting together to raise all the foodstuffs that will be necessary, also all other thin that the people will need for their survival. The pottery workers will immediately prepare containers of adequate size and shape to transport the grains and foodstuffs. The basket makers will do likewise; leather workers will prepare all articles necessary to be used during this great trek; weavers will make blankets, robes and all other articles need until the people could again be settled in their homes. All this is in the future and the people are waiting for the time to come when they will abide by what he has
instructed them to do. During this period of waiting the people are not idle for they have hand hewn and polished all the stone blocks to be used in the Great Temple, and hand polished the white mountain mahogany wood that will be used to beautify the interior of this most sacred, edifice. Each stone is cut so that it will be interlocked with the stone adjoining it. No nails will be used in the building of this unique structure. All woodwork will be fitted together with wooden pegs or pins, Only the most precious metals will be used for decorative purposes; however, these will have no face value during this period for there will be no medium of exchange. Semi-precious stones such as jasper, turquoise, sardonix, lapis lazuli, and amythst will be used to add splendor to the interior of this Holy Temple.

As previously mentioned, after the disaster two great forces will leave the Chigaraguan Country forever to begin their search the site where this temple is to be erect Following divine guidance and inspiration, this place will not be difficult to locate. There they will make preparations and be work on the Holy Temple and the city within a wall. Echa Tah Echa Nah, having previously notified the people to prep themselves fox this long trek, will call council members together to tell them that the time has now come for them to begin the task of final preparation for embark upon this journey. At the close of council meeting the council members go, each to his own community, and personally supervise the final preparations seeing that all is in readiness for this move. A great bustling about will begin as the people round up the live stock, pack grain and foodstuffs, and other useful things for their departure from the land of the Chigaraguans.

One of the last acts of preparation will be the tremendous task, the responsibility of which has been placed upon one of the council members, of moving the stones for this great temple. These stones are already prepared and carefully stored in the quarries from which they have been cut., and will have to be moved with caution due to their overwhelming weight and to protect the finish given them. By crude means of transportation these massive blocks will be moved to the shore line, where huge barges will have been constructed to carry them to their destination. After all the stones and hand-polished wood will have been loaded on the barges and all is in readiness, the council member in charge will not depart until word comes from Echa Tah Echa Nah. When the runner brings word back that Echa Tah Echa Nah's group has started the trek from the agreed point of Lake Patzcuaro to journey north, the council member will give the command for the barges to shove off and slowly drift with the current near the coast line following it to the north Thus will start the first group led by Echa Tah Echa Nah.

It will have been previously arranged between Echa Tah Echa Nah and Chi Chi Suma that at the same time Echa Tah Echa Nah was preparing to move to the north, Chi Chi Suma was doing likewise. Five days after  Echa Tah Echa Nah 's group will have left Lake Patzcuaro, Chi Chi Suma's group will have le Lake Patzcuaro, Chi Chi Suma's group will leave from the same point on their journey northward. The exact preparations for departure that will have been made by Echa Tah Echa Nah, will be made also by Chi Chi Suma. The same technique will be followed in moving -all their earthly possessions as well as constructing barges, loading and transporting the stones from the quarries located in Chi Chi Suma's country (which is a great deal farther south than Echa Tah Echa Nah's country. Prior to the departure of this second group, word will have been sent to all the Indian tribes extending into South America that the people should make preparations and gradually move to the north to inhabit the the abandoned places left by the people of Chi Chi Suma and Echa Tah Echa Nah.

 As the South American Indians inhabit the vacated cities they will be instructed to remain at these places until after the Holy Temple and the city within the wall has been built. As Echa Tah Echa Nah's group leisurely winds its way north, Chi Chi Suma's group will be following the same route at the same pace. Each group will have a forward vanguard followed by the livestock, pack horses, and carts, the women and children traveling next to the rear guard. Their mode of transportation will not be as it is in these modern times, for the destruction will have done away with all forms of modernization, leaving only the most primitive. Constant contact between Echa Tah Echa Nah's group on land and those taking the water route north will be kept by runners. Should the barges, in any respect, come into difficulty the land forces will immediately dispatch assistance to them.

After traveling for many days to the north, the advance scouts of Echa Tab Echa Nah will report to him that they have found the body of water that flows from the west to the east, or east to the west, which will be the first goal of Echa Tah Echa Nah's group. Immediately after crossing this body of water, preparations will be made for the people to remain there until the arrival of Chi Chi Suma and his group. The barges will be instructed to anchor in the bay -until the arrival of the other barges under Chi Chi Suma Following slowly and laboriously the same route taken by Echa Tab Echa Nah, be should arrive at the river five days after Echa Tab Echa Nah.

Chi Chi Suma's advance scouts will report, after many days of travel to the north, that they have sighted the first group encamped north of the body of water which flows from the west to the east. Soon the two great forces will be united at this river, and Echa Tah Echa Nah with his council members will hold conference with Chi Chi Suma and his council members, and there will be great rejoicing among the people. Both groups, after a short period of resting, will prepare to move on from this point. Runners will have been sent to take word to the barges to make ready to start. When all is in readiness to depart, Echa Tah Echa Nah will call his councilmen; Chi Chi Suma will call his council, and together they will map a route which each will take. Echa Tah Echa Nah with his group will start trekking to the west. His advance scouts will be continuously searching for a low range of mountains running from the north to the south.

After slowly trekking toward the west for many days the scouts will report the finding of the mountains they are in search of, and when group arrives at this low range of mountains, they will rest for a few days, making preparations to continue their journey to the north. After the people and the animals will be rested they will follow this range of mountains to the north, keeping on the east side of the range at all times. As this group slowly travels to the north, other survivors of this great holocaust of destruction will timidly seek to join with the Chigaraguan people on the great trek. These survivors will not be able to understand the words of the Chigaraguans, nor the Chigaraguans understand words of the survivors, yet each will recognize the other by their marks, signs, and symbols. The Chigaraguans will welcome the survivors to join them in this trek.

As they advance slowly to the north, almost daily other survivors will join with them. Echa Tab Echa Nah's advance scouts will be on the lookout for a great stone marker not far from a vast area surrounded by a very white substance. This white substance will surround a tremendous inland body of water; yet at all times shall Echa Tah Echa Nah's group stay on the east side of this body of water which is also on the east side of the range of mountains. Soon his scouts will report the finding of the stone marker, and upon arriving at this marker the group will remain there for many days. During their stay at this marker Echa Tah Echa Nah's group will be joined daily by other people from the north. When the time comes the people will be advised by their leader to make preparations to trek eastward.

When all is in readiness Echa Tah Echa Nah will give the command to start their journey to the east. As this great procession slowly travels eastward other survivors will join in with them. The advance scouts will be directed, after several days travel eastward, to seek out the designated spot where Chi Chi Suma with his group will have made preparations to build the Holy Temple within a wall. They will continue their trek eastward, the scouts will inform Echa Tah Echa Nah that they will have sighted Chi Chi Suma and soon both groups will be reunited. Chi Chi Suma will openly welcome the arrival of Echa Tah Echa Nah and great rejoicing shall be among all the people. As survivors will have joined Echa Tah Echa Nah, so will, have other survivors joined the group of Chi Chi Suma.

Although the people of Chi Chi Suma's group speak not the tongue of the survivors who will have joined them, nor the tongue of those who will have joined Echa Tah Echa Nah, there will be perfect unison and, harmony and they will be welcomed with open arms. Many of the survivors who will have joined these two groups will have very fair skin and very blonde hair, others will be Indian people, but all will have the same purpose in view as the group of Echa Tah Echa Nah and Chi Chi Suma -- that of taking part in the building of this magnificent edifice of worship to their God. As the construction of this most Holy Temple continues, and the people who are taking part in its construction are happy in their daily tasks, nighttime slowly descends upon the day after tomorrow.
Source: The Great White Chief: The Valley of the Blue Moon, 1960, M.M. MAIER, PUBLISHERS C.H.T. LIMITED.