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Traditionalist Mayan elders have recorded interviews concerning the truth about December 21, 2012

Hear Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeeper

Hear Carlos Barrios, Mayan Priest


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He said, "Someday someone will collect all the Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and would publish them in one place, so they could be compared with those of all Native Peoples worldwide." “...and then we really will have something!”

Someone HAS collected Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and published them in one place. That someone's name is Will "Blueotter" Anderson... an associate of Mad Bear Anderson's close friend John "Rolling Thunder" Pope, the most famous medicine man of the 20th century. These prophecies are contained in the 1000 pages in the four e-books to the right! If you study them, you will discover a pattern of recurring events... and how to prepare for them. 

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Newsflash! says SO25300.5+165258, which was exposed on by Prophecykeepers Foundation in March 2003 as perfectly fitting the Hopi Red Kachina prophecy, may be a "Solar System Nemesis."

Read about the discovery of the fulfillment of the Red Star Kachina prophecy, with is extremely exacting qualifiers, here

Read the parallels between the Hopi and Sumerian languages here

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The Prophecykeepers Trilogy:  Wisdom from "The brothers of the Israelites" that Moses wrote of anciently... recent DNA evidence proves that American Indians, who migrated here across the eastern ocean 17,000 years ago,  intermarried anciently with seafaring Israelites.... just as our Keetoowah elders have always contended!

The Prophecykeepers Trilogy and Preparedness Library

A Christian reviews "The Prophecykeepers Trilogy"

I write this for Christians in certain knowledge that we as a group have certain problems seeing anything outside of that which is strictly contained or written of in scripture. I am here to try and cause you to think "outside of the box". You probably might even find fault with this.

I am in no wise the first or last word on the mind of God and scripture but I do accept that the Bible is TRUE from cover to cover and Christ was God on Earth and my Savior who died on the Cross for my sins. Where I might diverge from you is that I do not consider scriptures as telling all of the truth. There is much that can be "Fleshed Out" from other sources. The qualification here is that which adds to the puzzle of End Times study in no wise contradicts what scripture reveals. If there is any apparent contradiction 2 things must pass through our thoughts...

1.Does this change how we now understand the scriptures, that is the scriptures are not violated by this new understanding or...

2.Throw it out or set it aside. (Read more)

A Native Person reviews "The Prophecykeepers Trilogy"

Having followed prophecy keepers for many years now, not only ordered all the interviews (and still listen to them), and the preparedness library (back when it was just two CD's), I just want to tell anyone who is on the fence about donating, and getting access to all this information, DO IT! it really is a treasure trove of information, I added it to my collection years ago, and have added my own stuff since, buy it really is well worth it, not to mention all the history, culture, and knowledge you can learn from all the elders' interview, there really is no other place to learn accurate information. Keep doing what you do William, it really has changed my life, and will change many more.

Will Velleda

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Listen to the August 10, 2011 "Project White Paper" interview of Will Blueotter on the Inception Radio Network.

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I may be reached by telephone at 931-337-7291. I offer FREE survival counseling, with a donation kindly suggested, but NOT mandatory.

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Listen to the August 10, 2011 "Project White Paper" interview of Will Blueotter on the Inception Radio Network. He explains how the prophecies of the Hopi, Mayans, Cherokee, Lakota, Mormons, Catholics, Jews and others intertwine with regards to 2012. The sum total of the entire picture yields a much less mysterious picture than one might think of what is about to happen in 2012.

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"COULD THROW US BACK 100 YEARS" Dr. Michio Kaku Ph.D.

You've perhaps read all the B.S. The real news doesn't "sell" very well! It's not what you want to hear.

The Coming Worldwide Flooding...

Hopi "Purification Day" and "The Hopi 10 Way" of Preparedness


Some of you (who are friends, foes, fans and detractors alike) are joining this conversation late, so here is some background:

A member of the 550+ member Native Prophecy Council just pointed that my friend John Hogue, one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject of Prophecy, recently pointed out that major flooding is looming.

...but do you REALLY get what prophets are saying?

Frankly, I kinda doubt it, based on past sad experience.

I have (some time ago and with no response from them) pointed all the following out to Art Bell, George Noory, Mitch Battros, et al, all to no avail, and as far as I am concerned THEY are part of the problem... certainly no different that the populace was in Noah's time... they are just down on what they were not up on.

Most all of the people who are "making hay" nowadays selling books about the Mayan Prophecy should be ashamed. I know this is harsh, but I view some of them as just short of prostitutes, and some may be obfuscating this issue purposely. Why? Because it would not SELL. Or worse... some of them just might be government disinformation operatives. Who the heck knows. I wouldn't be surprised, because we know from history that Governments learned to use prophecy long ago as yet another avenue to control the masses.

Now that I have beat up on them, I'll give them all virtual hugs, and kudos on a job well done in what they have done. It's a tough call all the way around.

Now, A HUGE nasty fight ensued on our Native Prophecy Council newsgroup on this very subject back after 2012 the Movie came out

One of our Yahoogroup members actually prophesied (back at that time and I had to correct her) that no worldwide flooding on the scale shown in the 2012 movie would ever take place IN SPITE OF these salient facts:

The Hopi Prophecy says that Hopi will be flooded up near the tops of their mesas and they would need boats to move to Four Corners to start a new tribe and religion.

As far as Mayan predictions go, according to The Mayan Elders I have interviewed, the 2012 date may vary 15 years either way. A picture of the last page of the actual Dresden Codex (from the 1880 Förstermann edition) suggests to some that the world will end in a flood.

Jesus statement that in the Last Days it will be as it was "in the Days of Noah." Remember, Noah warned people of The Deluge, but NO ONE listened.

Pope John Paul II's Statement revealing the Third Prophecy of Fatima, was recorded in Stimme des Glaubens magazine in 1981. He stated: "Given the seriousness of the contents, my predecessors in the Petrine office diplomatically preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves. "On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: if there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired." Archbishop Ratzinger (Now Pope Benedict) agreed with Pope John Paul II at that time. Like the Hopi, their mystics predict a certain "star" to be the cause.

I "saw" this flooding in night vision back in 1991, and so did (also in 1991) by a well known Texas Cherokee elder who wishes to remain nameless. He and I didn't realize coincidence this until we exchanged notes during the winter of 2009-10 when I was at his home in East Texas. The consensus between us was that the people had some time ago stopped listening to the elders, and don't deserve to know the truth.

Here's and interesting anecdote: A Cherokee descendant, Sha Ha Win, daughter of John Rolling Thunder Pope, about 7 years ago, saw in vision the flooding in Tennessee, and told the bishop/pastor of her (L.D.S.) Mormon Church about her vision. Bear in mind that it is L.D.S. Doctrine that Native American Prophets would be sent to their church IF it ever erred. She was later examined by 36 Mormon General Authorities including Gordon B. Hinckley, and was promptly ignored.

Interestingly enough that during her "inquisition" with the arrogant Mormon Authorities they DID draw a correlation between her prophecy and her (unbeknownst-to-her-at-that-time) father Rolling Thunder's and Mad Bear Anderson's 1972 Prophecy of the Future Flooding of Utah - which is curiously featured in a newly released US Navy map of a flooded America. I reiterate that Sha Ha Win (see did NOT know she was Rolling Thunder's daughter at that time. She later moved to a tiny town 7000' in southern New Mexico.

Granted, THIS coming worldwide flooding (also bravely noted by Patrick Geryl on his website at will not be as extensive as Noah's, thanks to God's promise in The Book of Genesis that He would never again destroy ALL life on earth by flood, but bear in mind that He reserved the right (The Book of Exodus) to use flooding to reign in errant nations. The Mayans say the extent of the flooding will depend on how negative the people of earth have become.

According to the Hopi elders, you will need to be in "the mountains and forest" so plan on getting up above about 6000' of elevation to escape this one. I suggest the Hopi/Navajo sacred area, between the Four Sacred Mountains in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest. The San Luis Valley would be a PRIME survival area, as would Flagstaff and Williams, AZ.

For more info, see Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled on Robert Ghost Wolf's website, which features an article about my discovery of the true nature (according to criteria set forth by the Hopi Elders in 1996) of the Red Star and Blue Star Kachinas... a discovery that took place back in 2003, but has been totally ignored by "The Media".

Enter renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, some say the "successor to Albert Einstein"

In 1859, the Carrington Event solar fares knocked out the telegraph systems in the U.S.A. and in Europe. Telegraph systems worldwide went haywire. Spark discharges shocked telegraph operators and set the telegraph paper on fire. Even when telegraphers disconnected the batteries powering the lines, aurora-induced electric currents in the wires still allowed messages to be transmitted.  

During a solar superstorm most communication will be blasted out of existence; power will fail. Cities will be left without light and water and food will run out. Civil unrest will surge as society collapses in a matter of days. The US federal and state governments will be hard-pressed to restore order amongst 300 million people as mass starvation sets in and sources of fresh water dwindle.

One billion could die

Restoration of the infrastructure could take years—even a decade or more. Electrical transformers on poles would be burned out, and since they are no longer manufactured inn the USA, would need to be be imported from China. During the interim more than a billion people could die worldwide—more if warfare breaks out between countries desperate for scarce resources.

Michio Kaku adds his voice to the warnings

NASA has forecasted super solar storms for 2012 and is sounding the alarm it could knock out the Earth’s entire electrical grid and kill 1 billion people in its aftermath with food riots and civil unrest, and wars fought over resources. If proper precautions aren’t taken it could lead to nuclear meltdowns around the entire world. Dr. Michio Kaku now warns of a huge solar flare as a "Katrina From Outer Space" that could destroy all electronics systems (right down to your kitchen toaster!) on Earth in our near 2012 -- our electrical and communications grids and space satellites -- and that this would turn back the U.S. over 100 years. Kaku sees the disaster as 10 times greater than Katrina-perhaps even worse than that. “We’d be thrown 100 years into the past,” he explained. The transition to the 1800s would occur as quickly as flipping a light switch off.

The Holy Bible concurs, predicting that at some point our the sun will burn 7 times hotter in The Last Days.

The Hopi warned long ago before the electrical grid was even dreamed of that after the white man arrived (they knew he was coming), one would simply be able to "touch the wall" and that room would light up. They warned not to become dependent on that system once it arrived, because it would eventually fail. We see now that the infrastructure is aging because proper care wasn't taken so a few men could get richer. Bridges are beginning to fail. For many years "planned obsolescence" has been a part of the manufacturing process so consumers, like junkies, would need to buy more and more down the road.

What can you do? BUY LOW Tech things! Study how the Amish live. For example, get cookware that can be used on a campfire. Get a wood stove.  Learn how to do laundry in a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet plunger. Build a clothesline for drying laundry -- maybe get a hand crank laundry wringer. Get a simple solar+battery inverter system.

THINK! There are lots of things you can do to prepare -- IF you will only do so... but most younger people need the proper information and guidance... and that's what Prophecykeepers is here for - to recommend the best books and other information you need to prepare, because chances are you WILL survive. It's YOUR choice as to how comfortable you will be when Babylon falls.

General Patton once said "It doesn't take any intelligence to be uncomfortable."


Will Anderson, Speaker, White Roots of Peace Council

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Parallels Between the Hopi and the Sumerian Cultures

by Robert Morningsky - read more about him here

The Hopi believe the Creator of Man is a woman. The Sumerians believed the Creator of Man was a woman.

The Hopi believe the Father Creator is KA. The Sumerians believed the Father Essence was KA.

The Hopi believe Taiowa, the Sun God, is the Creator of the Earth. The Sumerians believe TA.EA was the Creator.

The Hopi believe two brothers had guardianship of the Earth. The Sumerians believed two brothers had dominion over the Earth.

The Hopi believe Alo to be spiritual guides. The Sumerians believed AL.U to be beings of Heaven.

The Hopi believe Kachinas (Kat'sinas) are the spirits of nature and the messengers and teachers sent by the Great Spirit. The Sumerians believed KAT.SI.NA were righteous ones sent of God.

The Hopi believe Eototo is the Father of Katsinas. The Sumerians believed EA.TA was the Father of all beings.

The Hopi believe Chakwaina is the Chief of Warriors. The Sumerians believed TAK.AN.U was the Heavenly Destroyer.

The Hopi believe Nan-ga-Sohu is the Chasing Star Katsina. The Sumerians believed NIN.GIR.SU to be the Master of Starships.

The Hopi believe Akush to be the Dawn Katsina. The Sumerians believed AK.U to be Beings of light.

The Hopi believe Danik to be Guardians in the Clouds. The Sumerians believed DAK.AN to be Sky Warriors.

The Hopi believe Sotunangu is a Sky Katsina. The Sumerians believed TAK.AN.IKU were Sky Warriors.

The Hopi name for the Pleaides is ChooChookam. The Sumerians believed SHU. SHU.KHEM were the supreme Stars.

The Hopi believe Tapuat is the name of Earth. The Sumerians believed Tiamat was the name of Earth.

The Hopi call a snake Chu'a. The Sumerians called a snake SHU.

The Hopi word for "dead" is Mokee. The Sumerians used KI. MAH to mean "dead."

The Hopi use Omiq to mean above, up. The Sumerians used AM.IK to mean looking to Heaven.

The Hopi believe Tuawta is One Who Sees Magic. The Sumerians believed TUAT.U was One from the Other World.

The Hopi believe Pahana was the Lost Brother who would one day return to assist the Hopi and humankind. The Sumerians would recognize PA.HA.NA as an Ancestor from heaven who would return. 

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